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Open letter to Apple available now.

We have things to say about Apple and the App Store. Michaël Nass, the founder of FMobile and president of the Groupe MINASTE non-profit organisation operating FMobile, wrote an email to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. and decided to make this email public. Read it here: raccourcis.ios.free.fr/fmobile/letter.html.

FMobile 4

The all new FMobile, with its new G3 engine, made for iOS 13 and iOS 12. FMobile breaks the boundaries of national roaming on your mobile phone, and allows you to enjoy a much faster cellular connection when your carrier has national roaming agreements. It also allows you to manage your international roaming, coverage maps and speed tests in one app. Its complete unique core technology is accessible for private customers through the Apple Shortcuts app. 200+ territories are supported. And best of all, the app is completely free!

Feature 01

Unique powerful technology

FMobile uses a technology that took multiple months of research and developement to achieve the best-in-class no-jailbreak cellular connection management tool. No other app is even coming close to us!

Feature 02

Made for iOS 13

And now compatible with iOS 12. FMobile uses the most advanced technologies available to deliver a complete, but yet easy-to-use app. FMobile 4 has been designed for iOS 13 with iOS 12 backward compatibility, allowing seemless constant background execution, a new Performane+ mode, a new international roaming management, and way more by keeping its very low battery consumption.

Feature 03

Get rid of national roaming

National roaming can be great to help a fast network expansion. However, when these deals ends up slowing down your Internet speed, you should have the choice not to roam. Most carriers don't give you this option, that's why FMobile is here to help you. It helps you with any 2G/3G/H+/4G LTE type of national roaming.

Feature 04

A worldwide coverage map

Thanks to its power, FMobile 4 now has a worldwide coverage map. All carriers are supported, and you can contribute to this worldwide map no matter if you're walking in town or traveling aboard on another network. Of course, by default, FMobile will not collect any data. Coverage map contributions are anonymous and based on free-will.

Feature 05

Highly evolutive

FMobile 4 has now a brand new way to manage carriers. FMobile 1.X had some carriers included ready for auto-setup. It was not that great because an app update was required to update the carrier settings. On FMobile 4 all carrier configurations and update are coming through Internet, which allows an evolutive platform, and you don't have to worry about anything, the entire process is automatic.

Feature 06

Say no to roaming costs

FMobile 4 is now capable to automatically, almost instantly switch off your cellular data if you happen to use them aboard in a country that is not included in your cellular data plan. No feature of FMobile is guaranteed, so you are still responsible for your data usage aboard, but it is always appreciated to know that a help tool is available and likely to be triggered. It should reduce a lot of your unwanted roaming costs.

Completely free. No trial, no ads.

FMobile is part of the MINASTE group, a french 1901-law-type non-profit organization. We do not aim to build services to make profit on your back. When we say it's free, it's free. No conditions. Therefore, we do not provide any warranty for these app and services. You are fully responsible for any damage caued by their usage. But we still provide free support as long as it is available for download.

FMobile 4 application
+0€ one-time payment
What you will get
  • Live network status
  • Background execution settings
  • Femto and ran-sharing antenna detection
  • Country detection in background
  • Speed test tool
  • Non-covered zones support
  • Some carrier services included
  • View and contribute to the worldwide coverage map

Download older FMobile 1.5.1 (obsoleted)

ANIRC Shortcut
+0€ one-time payment
What you will get
  • Automatic execution with Shortcuts Automation
  • Can be triggered by notifications
  • Perfect FMobile integration
  • More effective than the RRFM Shortcut
  • Faster than the original "Rétablissement du Réseau Free Mobile" classic script
  • Allows to automatically disable your cellular data aboard to avoid roaming fees

Download older RRFM Shortcut for FMobile 1.0 - 1.5.1 (iOS 12)

CFM Shortcut (soon obsolete)
+0€ one-time payment
What you will get
  • Detailed data/calls/SMS consumption tracking
  • Quicky triggered from the FMobile app
  • Compatible with the phone line ID
  • Compatible with the attached lines ID (only from the main line)
  • Works only with the Free Mobile carrier in Metropolitan France, will be soon obsolete.

Download older CFM Shortcut for FMobile 1.3 - 1.5.1 (iOS 12.4)

Donation (optional)
Your price:1-2-3€? one-time optional donation
The optional donation will not bring you any additional feature.
  • No matter what, FMobile will stay free and ad-free.
  • A way to thank me for the app (even if I'm already super happy if you just leave me feedbacks)
  • You will help financing our next big project: Extopy
  • Please make sure to test the app and be clearly certain that you want to leave me a tip before to do so
Developer pack
starting from only 0€ depending on your project
What you will get
  • The most powerful and complete iOS Framework for iOS 8+
  • Includes the MCC, MNC, Carrier, Protocol, national and international roaming for both the SIM card and the network (FMobile Engine Generation A3)
  • Extremely simple to use: let currentMNC = FMobile.getCurrentMNC()
  • Price is to be set according to your project
FMobile S1
obsolete version for developers
What you will get
  • GPL-3.0 Licenced code, free to use
  • FMobile Series 1 versions (up to 1.5.1), and engine up to G-A2
  • Obsolete software and shortcuts for iOS 12
  • Credit appreciated but not mendatory
  • No warranty, and no support at all: you're on your own!
  • Warning: not made for as-provided distribution!

Worldwide compatibility 🌍

View all the supported carriers on the brand new FMobile Carrier Central (alpha) with your carriers MCC+MNC codes.

Over 700 carriers are supported around the world. The countries supported are indicated in red. If you believe your carrier in a compatible country isn't properly supported, you can always contact us using the link below to request a specific carrier configuration.

Need any support? Any special request? Bugs or feature improvements?